Question: Which type of file system is the default one for Linux?

Ext4 is the default file system on most Linux distributions for a reason. It’s an improved version of the older Ext3 file system. It’s not the most ...

How do I rename devices in Device Manager Windows 10?

In the Output section, select the device from the dropdown list you want to rename. Now click on Device Properties. In Device Properties, next to the ...

How many passes does Disk Defragmenter do Windows 10?

It can take anywhere from 1-2 passes to 40 passes and more to complete. There is no set amount of defrag. You can also manually set the passes ...

Best answer: How do I record my screen on Windows 7 with VLC?

VLC will record everything on the screen, with no indication that it’s doing so. To stop the recording, click the Stop button on VLC’s interface and ...

Frequent question: How do I write comments in Linux?

Commenting Multiple Lines

How can I make my Android developer options faster?

You can enable Developer Options on Android by going to the About section and tapping the build number five times consecutively. Then, you’ll be able ...

Your question: How do I delete ICC profiles in Windows 10?

Type color management into the search bar at the top and click on Color Management. Select the desired monitor in Device, check the Use my settings ...

How do I resolve a network problem in Windows 7?

Using the Windows 7 Network and Internet Troubleshooter

Frequent question: How do I install an operating system without formatting another drive?

It is definitely possible to install Windows without formatting an existing NTFS partition with data. Here if you don’t click on Drive options ...

Who is the father of new public administration?

Woodrow Wilson: The Father of Public Administration.

Your question: How do I completely uninstall Windows 7?

Right-click on the volume where Windows 7 is installed and choose Format or Delete Volume. Now you have to remove Windows 7 from the multi-boot ...

What is the UNIX command to copy a file?

CP is the command used in Unix and Linux to copy your files or directories. Copies any file with the extension “.

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