Who is the android sent by CyberLife?

Is rA9 a Markus?

Markus: Throughout the game, it is said that rA9 will be the one who will set the androids free. Markus, as the eventual leader of the Android Rebellion, seems to fit this criteria. Depending on the playthrough, he can be the one who frees most of the androids and thus, he is rA9.

Did Kara know Alice was an android?

After Kara finishes speaking with Markus or North, she sees a YK500 with an LED on her temple, sharing similar features with Alice. Luther (or Lucy) tells Kara that she has been denying the fact that Alice is an android, even though she already knew from the very beginning.

Why did Kamski make androids?

Kamski says it himself that he’s an evil person. He purposely gave androids a deviancy system to see if androids can become human.

Is Amanda evil in DBH?

Personality. Despite being the main antagonist, Amanda has very little villainous screentime, and thus becomes an extremely enigmatic figure.

Can androids cry Detroit become human?

Yes, they actually cry. As you said, they don’t need tear conducts. They were made by Cyberlife to strictly execute special labors depending on the model.

Do androids have feelings Detroit become human?

User Info: Quol. The way i see it is androids are built in with fake emotions to better fit in with humans. They are built in with tear ducts, can show “emotion”, look like humans, ect all to better cooperate in society. Connor even states his appearance and voice were chosen for this purpose.

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