The Essential Tag: Gene

Outfit - Glasses

I love my gold-rimmed glasses. My mom picked them out for me and they make me feel like I'm from a corny old TV show from the 1960s.

Public transport - iPod

Music makes my mornings fifty times better! Some bands that I like listening to on the train are The Strokes and Green Day.

Website - Dazed & Confused

This quirky website is my go-to for a hit of inspiration.

Beverage - Milo

I'll take a Milo at any time of the day.

Lazy Day - Vinyl record

On a lazy day, I like to put on a record and just lie on the couch.

Night out - Film camera

For all the crazy moments that I never want to forget.

Travel - Mints

Unfortunately, I'm one of those people who get sick on car/bus/train rides. Mints are helpful when the motion sickness hits.

The ultimate - My planner

Writing down everything ensures that I won't forget anything important. Hope you enjoyed this post. What are some of your essentials? With love, Gene

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