Spring Cleaning

The spring cleaning season may cause headache on how and where to rid off pre-loved items. Why not donate and sell them? Here are some avenues you can go to clear out your preloved items:

Salvation Army

Website: http://www.salvationarmy.org/singapore  It's one of the more common organisations for any kind of donations, be it clothes, books or furniture. Collected preloved items are sent to its social enterprise, Red Shield Industries, to further distribute to family thrift stores. For bulky furnitures, please email to arrange for collection.

Pass It On

Website: https://www.passiton.org.sg  Managed by The Helping Hands, it operates through a wish list. Donors get to donate specific items (mostly furnitures) to the recipients. Be a kind soul and grant a wish!

Flea Markets

Why not earn some quick bucks from your preloved clothes? Gather your friends and visit For Flea Sake to rent a booth!

Online Platforms

1. Carousell

A mobile app that allows person-to-person selling and buying to take place. Simple snap a photo, list out a price, and wait for buyers to come! You can basically sell anything under the sun.

2. Facebook Forums

Especially for tertiary and university textbooks, there is always a demand for used books. Pass them down to someone while you can look for textbooks for the new semester.

Give them to your friends

Or, simply hand them to your friends! You may never know what lies in your storeroom may put into a better use in another's hands! Cheers, Yi Wen

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